BSB Neighbourhood Project

West bowling Community Advice and Training Centre as lead partner, is working on an exciting new project together with The Thornbury Centre and Karmand Community Centre. The project includes working closely with the project team of West Bowling Community Centre, Better Start Bradford and partner organisations to promote and increase engagement in activities and projects. It will involve working with a wide range of community-based organisations, statutory, voluntary and faith sector agencies within a multi-agency environment, with both individuals and families. The project will facilitate the engagement of local families with children under the age of 4 and expectant parents into existing and new community activities within the Better Start Bradford reach and portfolio, as well as support the work of Better Start Bradford to give children the best possible start in life in Better Start
Bradford areas.

The key aim of the project is to engage families into Better Start and community projects. We would also work with the community to increase knowledge of services offered in the area that will benefit and help them. We will be working with Better Start families to raise awareness and encourage them to access community activities and projects which are currently running. The positive impact from this is that we will have stronger more resilient communities, more families will be able to provide healthy and nutritious food for their family and encourage their children to be active from an early age. Children will benefit from quality play and early learning and have good opportunities within the home and have safe and secure base with strong attachments to key family members. The Better Start projects will also allow more children to enter school with the language and communication skills they need to engage in early learning and to develop effective relationships.